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Item ID: SC207-U
The Reference solution among all professional 2-way monitors ensuring very high resolution, perfect balance, and minimum ear fatigue - The true sound you will rely on
Item ID: SC4070-U
No compromise and TEC Award winning studio monitor sets benchmark for versatility and utmost clarity in sound reproduction - eye catching rotatable mid-high section for vertical and horizontal placements
Item ID: SC208-U
Versatile 2-way monitor with ultra-wide frequency range - deep and tight low-end combined with brilliant and precise high-end for professional nearfield and midfield applications
Item ID: HR624MK2-U
LF roll-off and HF controls let you easily tailor the sound
Item ID: SC205-U
Professional studio monitor combining compact dimensions and high end technologies for authentic signal reproduction with any professional system from stereo to surround
Item ID: SC305-U
All advantages of a professional 3-way monitoring solution in a compact cabinet - Perfect frequency balance, authentic transient reproduction, and well-balanced sound imaging
Item ID: SC2070-U
Compact 2-way monitor with an extra large air motion transformer sets new standards for detailed reproduction of high and mid-range frequencies and, in combination with 6.5" woofer, ensures powerful bass and thus superior precision across the...
Item ID: TS108-U
Remote controlled thunderstorm subwoofer with 8" woofer delivering adequate and precise control over the bass frequencies to bring your system to the highest level
Item ID: 705P-U
Dual Class-D Power Amplifiers with 250 Watts for LF and 250 Watts for HF
Item ID: J104SET-US-U
A 4.5" low-frequency driver and a 0.75" high-frequency driver are situated in a coaxial design
Item ID: LSR708I-U
Patent-pending Image Control Waveguide provides a seamless crossover transition and detailed imaging
Item ID: SC204-U
Ultra-Compact studio monitor including all professional features from our larger monitoring systems for accurate signal reproduction and precise sound landscape.
Displaying 1-25 of 36 results
1 .. 2