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Dear Valued Customer,

Due to the recent outbreak of the coronavirus in China, the PRC central and municipal governments have taken far-reaching containment measures that have postponed and, in some cases, interrupted the industry work patterns and supply chains.

KMC Music is proactively managing the situation to mitigate risks as effectively as possible. On a daily basis, we are evaluating production levels, plant inventories and our entire supply chain. However, due to these extraordinary circumstances, we are anticipating delays and disruptions in our ability to manufacture and ship according to our normal schedules.

We are committed to informing you and working with you to address any potential delays. Our hope is that this situation will be resolved in the near future but in the meantime you may want to increase your stock levels on Chinese made products to ensure your business isn’t interrupted.

Unfortunately, and as a result of the interruptions we are experiencing, we have to retire the current 1% online discount on orders as of February 29th. If you are thinking of increasing your inventory levels this is the perfect time to take advantage of the last 10 days of the online discount before it expires.


KMC Music

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